‘certificado de la huella de carbono

The Artik Project, a real journey

Dear friend, we are Pablo Peláez and Carlos Gosálbez and we invite you to fly with us fromRobledillo (Guadalajara) to the Arctic region, letting our light Maule take us there to feel the wilderness, verify the changes undergone by climate, plants and animals there, and ask its traditional inhabitants, the Cree, the Inuit, people who have lived there for generations and retain ancient wisdom, what their feelings are, how they interpret it…

You will fly with us to the international scientific research stations where we will talk to the people in charge, learn what they are doing, what their findings are, what hypothesis they are working with, where the conclusions point to. This is a REAL TRIP, a SHARED JOURNEY. Welcome aboard.

Actually, this is Carlos’ journey. After years dreaming with it, he is now returning to the lands that shaped him into a pilot back in 1972, when he flew his DC-3 for Hydro Québec. It was then that he came into contact with the Cree, and learned to love those untamed regions, to love the local nature.

I, Pablo, a traveller and adventurer in heart, help him make his dream come true because I feel the emotional drive that moves his will, because we are bonded by the camaraderie built through flying in airlines, by mutual respect, by our genuine friendship.

We can’t wait to start realizing this personal dream of Carlos, which became true, feasible, when his son Raúl Gosálbez and myself purchased the Maule aircraft that had belonged to the MadridPolytechnic University for 20 years. More than 3,000 students of Aeronautics have piloted it in familiarization flights. Raúl is waiting for us in Vancouver to take over and organize a second expedition next year.

In this week, weather permitting and provided Digitalmeteo gives us the go-ahead, we have scheduled a press conference and a formation takeoff with planes from the Guadalajara Aeroclub that will escort us for the first few miles in an aeronautical farewell motion.

We will leave RBM (Robledillo de Mohernando in aviation terms) to fly to the Arctic, tell you our experiences, and, for a month, bring you those lands and their people to your computer and to your conscience. Remember, this week, at RBM. You will have to get up early, but we will appreciate having you there, having your energy that we will take with us to theArctic as a shelter. We will keep you informed…

A thought: Some time ago I read in the Kabbalah that if the primary goal when we make use of our capabilities, the primary goal of our actions, is the Common Good, then we will experience real joy and satisfaction. In this venture, the resultant personal gain, regardless of its nature, is an ethically natural consequence that contributes to strengthening our health, freedom and capabilities in a constant process of positive creation of shared reality.

We want to give the best of ourselves for friendship and for our Mother Earth. Will you join us?

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Day in Palma de Mallorca on the Carbon Footprint

Photos of offsetting the Carbon Footprint

Antes de plantar el viñedo y la vid

On June 14, in Palma de Mallorca, we were invited by AENOR and participated along with the engineering company Creara in a Conference about Carbon Footprint. The audience was the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB).

When it was offered to us the chance to study and certify the carbon footprint of our wines, we found it was a great opportunity and we did not have any hesitation about it.

Now we are pleased to have reached this point of contrast, getting validated by the control agencies about the chosen procedures for wine production and being able to share the information with other entrepreneurs interested in improving their environmental management.

When we started planting the vineyard back in 92, we did it in an organic spirit of respect and conservation of the countryside without using pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and mineral fertilizers. But at that time, we were worn by other entrepreneurs that our career on the line of organic wines had the days numbered and we will finally have to change our minds along the way. May be they didn’t understand that our project was born from emotions, nowadays called emotional intelligence. Being organic was our philosophy and the only way we would be able to develop a project like this. Almost 20 years later, not only we have not changed our thinking but we could clearly see the highest consideration towards organically produced wines from the Spanish and abroad consumers.

As we heard from the Canadian Indians CRI: “The land we live on is not ours by inheritance from our parents, we borrow it from our grandchildren.” The CRI knew how to express in a simple and better way how it should be the passage of man on earth.

Antes de plantar los árboles

Our satisfaction to receive the AENOR certification fills us with pride and concern. We know we must do more. We must aim for lower energy consumption and less pollution. And we have to make up for what we produce.

That was the message we wanted to share with the entrepreneurs who participated in the Balearic Islands Conference on Carbon Footprint and I thank them for their warm welcome as well as Aenor for inviting me.


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Committed to the Environment


La Casa Encendida, Madrid, May 18, 2011

The Gosálbez-Orti winery has become the first winery in the region of Madrid, and the second in Spain after Matarromera Group’s Bodegas Emina, in certifying the carbon footprint of one of its products. Qubél Revelación 2009, the winery’s unoaked wine, was qualified thanks to an initiative proposed by the Denomination of Origen Wines of Madrid and sponsored by the regional government of Madrid, with the desire to promote sustainable practices in the sector to aid in its fight against climate change.

The carbon footprint analysis helps identify opportunities to save energy, and thus money, as a consequence of more knowledge about the sources of the emissions and the possibilities to reduce them. As a result, some of the recommended solutions are being implemented in our facilities. Thanks to the pre-existing sustainable practices of the winery and the new recommendations, the Gosálbez-Orti winery’s vineyards are actually consumers of CO2 emissions. Additionally, the replantation in the vineyard several years ago of more than 2,000 native species of trees, among them encina, madroño, pines and walnut, compensates well beyond the total emissions produced by the winery.

News flies. We wish to thank the different news outlets that have published this story:
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