The summer of the vine

Summer is here after a long and rainy spring, and the vineyard is gratefully showing its incomparable beauty.


Besides of to the hard work required at the vineyard on this time of the year, we will launch a new activity at the visitor’s center, “La Enoteca”.

My last count tells me that more than 3,000 people visited “La Enoteca” in the past years, bit by bit and from word of mouth.

People from all over the world has been visiting us, from Japan, Estonia, Russia, China, Finland, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia …  even the niece of the human symbol  Nelson  Mandela, visited us last  year? …, And finally, it begins to close with some regularity locals visitors from Madrid and upcoming cities.


Desde este sábado, abrimos la Enoteca los fines de semana de 20:00 a 23:30 para poder degustar los Qubél y Mayrit con una tapa, música y compañía.

Our visitors already know that we like to listen to them. In many occasions they insisted  on staying beyond the sole wine tasting or specific event, therefore, now we dare to give the jump.

Starting this coming Saturday July 13th, we will open “La Enoteca” on weekends, from 20:00 to 23:30 to enjoy the Qubel and Mayrit´s wines with a tapa, music and good company.


We will be as we are, familiar, ecological and easygoing.

The door is open!

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