May, 2011

Visits to the enoteca

The Enoteca has hosted all types of events this spring, including the celebration of birthdays, tasting sessions as wedding gifts, sales and corporate presentations, and of course, our basic visit and tastings. Thanks to our collaboration with the rural hotel La Casona de Torres, we have received visits from many of their guests who want to enjoy local activities. The good news is that we are noticing an important increase in activity, perhaps a signal of the gradual recuperation of the world economy.

We would like to thank Studiosus, a German Tour Operator, who has included us in their 2012 Special Programs Catalog. You can visit their website,, for more information. We will be very pleased to receive their clients!

This post in Spanish: Visitas a la enoteca

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New wines

Mayrit Oak red 2009

Tasting note

Mayrit barrica 2008

Mayrit White 2010

Tasting note

Mayrit Blanco Malvar 2009 eco

Qubel Revelación 2010

Tasting note

Qubél Revelación 2009

Qubél Excepción 2006

Tasting note

Qubél Excepción

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To our customers

Nuestros clientes

We thank all our customers’ importers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, professionals in taverns, the support they are demonstrating to our wines. Therefore, we want to exclusively dedicated space in our blog, to talk specifically about their good work and try as far as we can to help them in the commercialization of our products.

What we really would love is that all pass through the winery to directly transmit them what we feel and the way we understand wine production.

This post in spanish: A nuestros clientes

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Committed to the Environment


La Casa Encendida, Madrid, May 18, 2011

The Gosálbez-Orti winery has become the first winery in the region of Madrid, and the second in Spain after Matarromera Group’s Bodegas Emina, in certifying the carbon footprint of one of its products. Qubél Revelación 2009, the winery’s unoaked wine, was qualified thanks to an initiative proposed by the Denomination of Origen Wines of Madrid and sponsored by the regional government of Madrid, with the desire to promote sustainable practices in the sector to aid in its fight against climate change.

The carbon footprint analysis helps identify opportunities to save energy, and thus money, as a consequence of more knowledge about the sources of the emissions and the possibilities to reduce them. As a result, some of the recommended solutions are being implemented in our facilities. Thanks to the pre-existing sustainable practices of the winery and the new recommendations, the Gosálbez-Orti winery’s vineyards are actually consumers of CO2 emissions. Additionally, the replantation in the vineyard several years ago of more than 2,000 native species of trees, among them encina, madroño, pines and walnut, compensates well beyond the total emissions produced by the winery.

News flies. We wish to thank the different news outlets that have published this story:
VIDEO AGENCIA EFE: La bodega madrileña Gosálbez-Orti, primera en certificar la huella de carbono en su vino

This post in Spanish: Comprometidos con el Medio Ambiente

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New importer in Germany

In export market news, we have an additional German importer, Rafael González, and his company, Iberbodega, will represent us in the Furkfurt area.

 Revelación 2010 and Nature 2004 are the first two wines that he will introduce to that market. Request more information at or visit his website,

You can see here some pictures memory of his dear visit.

Rafael has been so kind as to commmunicate in its Iberbodega page on Facebook that already have our wines. Thank you very much Rafael.

This post in Spanish: Nuevo importador en Alemania

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