Verano 2011

Viña de Madrid awards 2011

Premios Villa de Madrid

We are very happy to announce that in the 2011 wine Competition   “VIÑA DE MADRID”, attended by most of the wines produced in the Denomination of Origin Wines of Madrid, we have been awarded two major prizes, ” The Great Viña de Madrid” to our  Mayrit Barrica  2009 and “a Gold Medal”  to the Qubél  Revelación 2010 , both are organic wines.

When in 2009 we decided to elaborate young wines,  we never suspected that they would be so well received by the wine consumers.   It was aimed to be very fruity, using our best grapes that reflect the good quality of the vineyard, and with the concept of being consumed in a casual way and more affordable. Also Qubél Revelación 2009 won last year a “Gold Medal at “BACHUS AWARDS COMPETITION”  consequently the wine soon ran out, so we would like you to become partakers of our joy and  invite you to share it with us.

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Japan, the oriental dream

With our importers in Japan (Vintners)

When Estrella spoke to me about going to present our wines to Japan, I thought she was dreaming. But my feelings towards fearlessness actions are of absolute approval, I thought it was something out of her that I will support it unconditionally. Approval does not mean absence of doubt. We already knew Tokyo from previous family trips, but in this case, we were not aware about the rigors of work, protocols, and those minor details very important for some people and not so much for others, but essential to know and give all the value to the usual habits normal in the Japanese education.

Estrella thoroughly prepared to a maximum all the details. And with those tools and our wine, we went to Japan.

Her work was so good that soon emerged empathy between an extraordinary team of young businessmen from Tokyo, in Vintner´s Inc. They are excellent connoisseurs of wine and to whom we seemed to have the necessary requirements for a relationship so far away.

I will summarize it by saying that the relationship has not only been great, was better than that. We have been working together for a good number of years, they have visited us several times and we have done the same in Japan, we like to work with them in their country, we like their culture, cuisine and especially we are honored by their friendship.

It is worth to highlight and thank the wine for being the mediator in an exquisite and enduring relationship between friends.

With our importers in Japan (Vintners) (2)

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Our Winery in English course on TV

Inglés y vino

Other photos of the visit

Vaughan Systems paced up and down the Qubél’s Enoteca and Wine Cellar by the hand of Alberto Alonso, a great TV and radio presenter and show man, with an excellent background and top education in drama; his open New York English and great sense of humor, made a day of shooting to become a fun day.

Moreover, the highly qualified production team, with Julio Villas at the helm, was the complement to be excited about these young professionals. We had a very good time together.

The proposal of filming in our wine premises for the Vaughan TV program” On the Go”, was initiated by the Comunidad de Madrid and by the Control Board Vinos de Madrid . When finally this proposal came to us, we thought it was a great idea.

During the full day of shooting, in addition to the laughs and jokes generated as a consequence of the good atmosphere created among us, there were serious moments with explanations from Mario Barrera on the vineyard; Mario is the technical director for the CRDO. Later on Alberto and Carlos had some technical chatting about wine processing in the cellar and finally, after the introduction made by Miss Socorro Zafra from Madrid administration office, Alberto and Estrella entered into the protocols of wine tasting.

At the end of the day, the crew departed with a kiss and a sincere “we will return”

Thank you Richard Vaughan, for the fantastic and didactic English classes you are openly offering on radio and TV, and for giving us the opportunity to be part of your TV class show. Not far in the future I’ll attend one of your courses to improve my English…

We invite our friends to learn about wine in English, with a glass of wine at the winery and vineyard.

More images about the enoteca

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Summer forecast weather 2011

Carlos en el viñedo

And … the summer came with threats of being hot … So far we have had higher peak temperatures than usual for this time of the year, but … how wonderful nature is!!! What at first glance was something to fear about, it has turned out to be a benefit to us … I’ll explain it… I’m especially thinking on people that like to understand why things happen.

The spring was very generous in rainfall and the temperatures rose to appealing warmth of 25 degrees Celsius; those factors are the threats to organic farming. With such information the farmer’s legs start shaking because the peril of the mildew fungus coming alive. Such microorganism exists all over the vineyards, but it only awakens from his slumber and come to life when humidity and temperature are in favor for the growth. As a fearful farmer, I acted immediately in order to prevent the spread of the fungus, I applied the methods recommended in organic farming , and then we had the help of the temperature raising up suddenly exceeding 35 degrees, which is the limit for the development of the dreaded mildew. As a result of this, the problem of the mildew disappeared in our vineyard.

Once again, as it has been along the 20 years I’ve been taking care of the vineyard, nature has always favored me, only once I had experienced a hailstorm that turned me down, but that was an accident.

I get admired to witness the phenomenon of life repeating itself year after year, in its most natural way. First, awaking the vines in spring time, later, in the process of grape growth, synthesis of nutrients, minerals, acids, salts, etc. Ending with the maturity period, change the color of the skin, acquisition of sugars and losing some of the acids. We could summarize all this, by comparing it with a full scale laboratory extracting the wealth from the earth, giving us the best product the vine can produce.

Otherwise everything goes well in the vineyard; the grapes are larger than pea size and growing well … we are just waiting for a good end of summer to get top class grapes.

El verde del viñedo

After this miracle of life we can only say, “Thanks to Mother Nature for your giving’s”

Finally one more point to be said about this experience, and that is the thought that Nature will continue producing wealth only if we preserve the environment”! It is our responsibility and duty to be the guardian of our heritage and the preservers for future generations.

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